Monday, July 8, 2013

Tropical Storm Chantal Forms in Atlantic

Good Morning Friends, It is time to discuss the tropics as we have something of interest in the Atlantic this morning. Tropical Storm Chantal has formed in the Atlantic yesterday evening. This morning, TS Chantal doesn't look all that impressive on satellite imagery but most certainly needs to be watched as additional strengthening could occur. TS Chantal is currently moving west at a very brisk 26 mph and located at 10.6N, 50.6W. The westward motion is expected to continue for the next day or so before TS Chantal turns more toward the west-northwest or northwest  around a weakness in the ridge currently situated over the eastern Gulf of Mexico. TS Chantal is forecast to interact with the land masses of Hispaniola and Eastern Cuba in 2 days and this could cause significant weakening of the system. The environmental conditions are expected to inhibit any rapid development of this system as well. While at this time TS Chantal doesn't appear to pose any serious threat to the United States, we will definitely be keeping a close eye on her and keep you updated here at Xtreme Weather Tracker with all of the latest tropical news and forecasts!  

See images below for the current satellite imagery of TS Chantal and the current forecast track. 

Xtreme Weather Tracker-B.Dalton

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea forms in the GOM!!

Tropical Storm Andrea forms in the Gulf near the western coast of Florida. She should continue northward before accelerating north eastward along a front. Tropical storm warnings are issued for portions of the Florida coastlines and tropical storm watches have been issued for portions of the east coast. Further strengthening is unlikely given marginally favorable conditions. Heavy rains and isolated tornadoes are likely for Florida and parts of the east coast.


Jeremy Mansfield