Friday, August 5, 2011

TS Emily Dissipated, Could Reform!!!

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Tropical Storm Emily dissipated Thursday evening over Hispaniola's mountainous terrain. Some models suggest Emily will strengthen once again over the warm waters near the Bahama's, but at this point that seems unlikely as the low level feature is well displaced from the mid level feature and main body of convection. Today's update analyzes Emily and her future, as well as turning our attention eastward to Africa where several impressive waves are poised to enter the Atlantic with development possible within a few days. The Cape Verde season is on the horizon and we should be making all last minute hurricane preparations in the event an organized tropical system should make landfall on the US. Thanks for visiting, I sincerely hope this blog is as informative for the followers as it is enjoyable for me to create. Thanks for your continued support and interest.


Jeremy Mansfield

Xtreme Weather Tracker

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