Friday, August 10, 2012

TD #7 and Invest 93L

Good Morning, The tropics remain active as we have TD #7 and Invest 93L to discuss today!! Ernesto's remnants will continue to dissipate over the mountainous terrain of southern Mexico. Some global models suggest that the mid level circulation of Ernesto will remain intact and form a new topical cyclone in the East Pacific in the next few days! TD #7 continues to struggle with dry air, fast forward speed and shear as it makes its way westward toward the lesser antilles islands. A path south of Jamaica is not unreasonable considering the low intensity of the disturbance. TD #7 could dissipate or degenerate into an open wave after entering the Carribean in a few days. Invest 93L is near the Cape Verde Islands and could become a tropical cyclone in the next few days as it moves west-northwest into the Atlantic. Current models recurve 93L before impacting any landmass, however conditions do change and we will need to keep a close eye on TD #7 and Invest 93L over the next several days! Thanks, Jeremy

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