Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Possible Development of 2011 Currently in the Caribbean

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                  Tomorrow is the official start of the 2011 Hurricane Season and we already have an area in the Caribbean to watch this week. Relaxing wind shear and above normal sea surface temperatures along with a weakening La Nina are the cause for this years early start. We should see less named storms this year than last year but more of the storms will form in the Caribbean, meaning a larger portion of the storms could affect US landmasses than the years previous.
                 The first storm to organize and become of tropical strength will be named Arlene. Our first area to watch is currently located in the Southwestern Caribbean. At this point it is only a broad area of shower and thunderstorms but could first be enhanced by a weak tropical wave moving from the east. The disturbed area could bring over a foot of heavy rain to Haiti and other islands in the northern Caribbean in days ahead. All of the computer models predict that an area of low pressure will form in the region between Jamaica and Honduras by Thursday. This low will have the potential to develop into a tropical depression late this week. We will be watching this area closely over the next several days and keep you updated here at Xtreme Weather Tracker!

Xtreme Weather Trackers Mansfield & Dalton

Satellite images show a broad area of thunderstorms in the Southwestern Caribbean. Strong tropical wave moving east is expected to join with the area of disturbed weather later in the week and this area could become our first tropical low.

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