Thursday, June 2, 2011

Invest 93 Weakening & Watching the Caribbean for Possible Development

Hey guys,
               Invest 93 has made it in to the Gulf of Mexico after crossing Florida yesterday evening but has weakened significantly. The area of low pressure is still somewhat intact and the National Hurricane Center gives it a 10% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in 48 hours. I don't think we will see any more development of this system before it reaches land, probably in deep south Texas or northern Mexico. We will continue to watch this system and keep you updated.
               The next area of concern is located in the west central Caribbean. This is a broad area of low pressure that is producing heavy rain and thunderstorms that extend for several hundred miles south of the southern coast of Hispaniola. The system is currently experiencing strong upper-level winds but these winds should relax over the next couple of days. This low has about a 20% chance of becoming a tropical storm within the next 48 hours according to the National Hurricane Center but after that time conditions should improve and we should start seeing some strengthening. The Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to fly in to this system Saturday around noon and we will have more information then. We will contine watching the tropics and bring you the latest information here at Xtreme Weather Tracker.

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